Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

No, ask our staff for more information.

No, you can always walk-in however an appointment by phone save you some time in the waiting room.

Yes, you can walk in more than one time anytime.

Yes, we do all types of physical at our facility.

Yes but only certain types of drug test. please ask our staff for more details.

 No, sorry we do not accept HMO’s.

Yes, we are open late nights

Yes, you can have blood work done without having seen by the doctor.

Yes, we have in-house X-ray and our doctors can look up right away. the results can be available on the same day

(note: for weekdays and holidays it will be available in next business day).

Patient/s with minor injury/bleeding will be seen right away.

(note: please call 911 if its life threatening)

No, we do not do surgery in our facility. but, we do simple suture, irrigation, incision and drainage.

Yes, we see patients with work injury or motor vehicle accident which is not life treating..

(Note: we bill your Employer or Motor Vehicle Insurance for Reimbursement without using your personal health insurance)

Yes. Please ask front desk for more information.

Yes, we do complete HIV Tests and Screening.

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